Steaminess Rating: How we rate sex in our reviews

At Books for Her, we know that readers have varied tastes and preferences in their reading – and since we review a lot of romances, we wanted to have a fair scale of the sexual content of the book.  Here’s the Books for Her Steaminess Rating Scale so you can look for the kind  of steaminess you like:

  • Steaminess 1:  Nothing to worry about! General Audiences welcome. Think romantic kissing and fervent embraces.
  • Steaminess 2: Getting a little warmer…implied sex or other non-intercourse sexual content. Embraces last longer.
  • Steaminess 3: Turn up the heat for teens and above.  Sex scenes are included but not frequent or lengthy.
  • Steaminess 4: Adults only Hot Hot Hot! Sex is included and could be descriptive. May imply a high frequency of the sexual content.
  • Steaminess 5: Whoa! Readers be aware of explicit or violent sexual scenes, including rape or assault. Clearly adult only and may have some disturbing content.

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