What Our Star Ratings Mean

Since smacking a rating on somebody’s hard work is completely arbitrary (and we use half-stars just because we can) here’s what all that business about stars means to us at Books for Her:

  • * 1 star: Irrelevant. We just won’t do it … this is somebody’s hard work we’re talking about.
  • ** 2 stars:  Just wasn’t for us.
  • ** 2.5 stars: It was ok, but something was missing
  • *** 3 stars:  Liked it, through and through
  • *** 3.5 stars: Liked it to the edge of love- a stage 1 crush
  • **** 4 stars: Loved it!
  • **** 4.5 stars: Loved it and probably stayed up all night reading and developing real feelings for fictional people.
  • ***** 5 stars: Practically blew my mind, great for a book club and maybe even taught in schools.

Let Books for Her know what you think!

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