Review: Wherever there is Light

Available November 3rd:  Wherever There is Light by Peter Golden

****4/5 stars-loved it

The love affair between a Jewish immigrant and the granddaughter of a slave moves with the grand sweep of twentieth-century American history.

Recommended readers:

  • Fans of historical fiction
  • Fans of life-long love sagas

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 4/5 characters
  • 4/5 plot
  • 4/5 overall
  • 4/5 steaminess


I tend to get myself in trends, so in the World War II/Light in Paris vein, I was more than willing to give Wherever There is Light a try, and I’m glad I did. The story covers a lot of territory and all manner of historical sins,  centering around two people from very different backgrounds who grapple both with their desire for each other and for independence, through the World War II period and beyond. He is a Jewish immigrant, and for all intents and purposes a gangster; she is the daughter of a founder of a black college, an aspiring artist who makes a name for herself in photography. It’s the kind of story sucks you right in and pulls you right along, as if you are there, completely absorbing to the point that you don’t even question its grand scope.  Because it makes perfect sense to sweep from the Jim Crow south to the New Jersey of gangsters to the Post-war Paris of the artists… right?

Available on Amazon November 3rd:  Wherever There is Light

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