October 18th: The Girl from Venice

Coming October 18th: The Girl From Venice 

****4/5 stars- loved it!



From thriller series writer Martin Cruz Smith , a standalone action-adventure-romance about a Venetian fisherman who decides to help the Jewish girl he encounters in his lagoon at the very close of World War II.

Recommended readers:

  • fans of historical fiction
  • fans of mystery and suspense
  • fans of action-adventure romance…this one’s got it all!

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 4/5 for characters
  • 4/5 for plot
  • 4/5 overall
  • 2/5 steaminess


I’m not sure I’ve ever read a World War II story at least partially about Jews on the run that I would classify as an action adventure romance, and I have to say while taking on a serious topic, this one was quite a bit of… fun.  Somehow Martin Cruz Smith manages to successfully impart historical information in a compelling, plot driven thriller not unlike the modern political sort. Doesn’t make any sense?  Try it yourself.

Available on Amazon on October 18th: The Girl From Venice

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