Nonfiction Review: When Books Went to War

Available December 2nd:  When Books Went to War: The Stories That Helped Us Win World War II ****4/5 stars Books can be weapons: The story of the role of literature during World War II, when a a program that brought  books to soldiers– in pocket sized editions reportedly as popular as chocolate, cigarettes, and pin up girls– served to remind us of the power of storytelling in human history. Recommended … Continue reading Nonfiction Review: When Books Went to War

Mystery-Suspense Review: Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson

Available Nov. 25: Wicked Ways (The Colony Book 4) ***3/5 stars In classic Lisa Jackson style, Wicked Ways is a mystery-suspense that will suck you in. Recommended readers: Lisa Jackson and mystery-paranormal fans If you like a mystery with a teeny touch of romance Here’s my Rankings: 3/5 for characters 3/5 for plot 3/5 overall 0/5 steaminess REVIEW FROM BOOKS FOR HER: Elizabeth Gaines has seen people around … Continue reading Mystery-Suspense Review: Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson

Romance Review: The Affairs by Moonlight Trilogy

Available now: The Affairs by Moonlight Trilogy by Juliana Gray A Lady Never Lies A Gentlemen Never Tells A Duke Never Yields ***3/5 stars Combine three English ladies with something to hide, three reforming rakes, and one big misunderstanding in a ghostly Italian castle, and what do you have? More fun with Juliana Gray, Love’s Labour’s Lost style. Recommended readers: If you liked The Princess in Hiding Series (though this … Continue reading Romance Review: The Affairs by Moonlight Trilogy

Children’s Review: The Neil Flambe Series

Available now:The Neil Flambé Capers Collection: Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders; Neil Flambé and the Aztec Abduction; Neil Flambé and the Crusader’s Curse; … the Tokyo Treasure (The Neil Flambe Capers) ****3/5 stars A famous teenage chef  – with a super-sensitive nose – helps police solve murders. Recommended readers: Ages 8-12, Grades 3-7 (probably best for grades 4+) Did you like plot in Ratatouille, … Continue reading Children’s Review: The Neil Flambe Series

Best Books for Gifts: Books for Her’s Top Books of 2014

The holidays are approaching and the perfect gift for friends, family and others is a good book. We’ve been reading all year and collected an amazing list of the best 4-star and 5-star books – and its quite a list! Here’s the top reads from Books for Her reviewers: Secrets of a Lighthouse by Santa Montefiore: The epitome of a summer read, Secrets of the Lighthouse is … Continue reading Best Books for Gifts: Books for Her’s Top Books of 2014

Cookbook Review: Part-Time Paleo

Part-Time Paleo: How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy by Leanne Ely is Available Now ****4/5 stars Part-Time Paleo provides a practical approach to eating healthier, being healthier, and feeling healthier without starving yourself or losing your mind. Recommended readers: If you’re interested in eating better but don’t do fads and diets and fad diets, and if you appreciate a practical approach that accounts for modern living, … Continue reading Cookbook Review: Part-Time Paleo

Review: The Girl You Left Behind

Available now:  The Girl You Left Behind ****3.5/5 stars In 1916, one  woman struggles to survive in her German-occupied town. When her portrait, painted by her husband before he left to fight for France, draws the obsessive eye of the German kommandant, she must put everything on the line. And in the present, another woman struggles to hold on to the portrait that means everything to her. Recommended readers: If … Continue reading Review: The Girl You Left Behind

Children’s Review: Dork Diaries 8

Available now: Dork Diaries Book 8: Tales from a Note-So-Happily Ever After ****4/5 stars There’s nothing like jumping into the mind of teenager Nikki Maxwell – and taking a ride through her dorky, accident-prone life. With a dose of entertaining teenage melodramatics, it’s the the girl-version of Diary of a Wimpy  Kid. Recommended readers: Girls Ages 8-12, Grades 3-7 Did you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid but want … Continue reading Children’s Review: Dork Diaries 8

Review: A New York Christmas

Available today:  A New York Christmas: A Novel ****3.5/5 stars While accompanying a wealthy acquaintance from London to New York, Jemima Pitt finds more than a nice experience when she arrives into a high society New York home. Recommended readers: If you enjoy reading turn-of-the-century history and society If you like a bit of intrigue in your historical fiction and a teeny tiny bit of romance and … Continue reading Review: A New York Christmas

Great New Children’s Books

Some of our most precious time spent with our preschool aged kids can be reading, and here’s a list of some great new picture books out from Simon and Schuster that will fit the bill for kids 5 and under. From a wordless book that sparks the imagination to a sing-along Dooby Dooby Moo book, there’s different options for our little dudes and princesses. Baby … Continue reading Great New Children’s Books