Available Now: Imposters of Patriotism

Available Now: Imposters of Patriotism

***3/5 stars- liked it

An antique shop owner discovers a hidden revolutionary war-era journal that threatens to rewrite history.

Recommended readers:

  • American History buffs
  • Mystery/Suspense readers
  • Fans of alternative history

Here’s my Rankings:


Suppose George Washington wrote a controversial secret surrender letter in the low point of the American Revolution, with implications for a modern-day presidential election.  Suppose you’re a well-meaning history type with a team of afficiandos up against a team of politicos who will stop at nothing to make sure it never comes to light, and you’ve got  Imposters of Patriotism: A nice light romp through alternative history.  If you like National Treasure and Dan Brown, this one is for you.

Available on Amazon: Imposters of Patriotism

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