Available Now: Imposters of Patriotism

Available Now: Imposters of Patriotism ***3/5 stars- liked it An antique shop owner discovers a hidden revolutionary war-era journal that threatens to rewrite history. Recommended readers: American History buffs Mystery/Suspense readers Fans of alternative history Here’s my Rankings: 3/5 for characters 3/5 for plot 3/5 overall Steaminess: 3 of 5  (see our scale here) REVIEW FROM BOOKS FOR HER: Suppose George Washington wrote a controversial secret surrender letter … Continue reading Available Now: Imposters of Patriotism

Review: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Available Now:  Dan Brown’s Inferno ***3/5 stars Against all logic (I mean, how much trouble can one Harvard professor get into, anyway?) Robert Langdon wakes up to find himself in another race against time to solve a mystery laced with historical intrigue and more symbology, and with yet another female companion to boot. Recommended readers: If you like a nice page turning adventure novel… if you’d like to see … Continue reading Review: Dan Brown’s Inferno