Available September 1st: The Sisters of Versailles

Available Sept. 1st:  The Sisters of Versailles

***2.5/5 stars- it was ok

Four sisters vie for the attention of the King in 18th Century France.

Recommended readers:

  • Francophiles
  • History nuts
  • Romance readers

Here’s my Rankings:


In the Sisters of Versailles, five sisters trample each other for power and position at Court.  If you ever wondered what life must have been like in the midst of the excesses of post-Sun King France, but before that nasty revolution, this is it:  the strange-but- true story of five sisters, four of which became the mistress of the king.  Christie deftly juggles multiple points of view and employs letter writing to effectively bring forward the individual voice of each character.  I was swept away into a wonderfully painted world, but in the end, it turned out to be a world in which I hated all the characters.  This novel had lush scenery, mood, and setting in spades– but completely lacked a heroine I could get behind.

Available on Amazon Sept 1st: The Sisters of Versailles

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