Available today: A Marriage of Opposites

Alice Hoffman’s A Marriage of Opposites is available today

****3.5/5 stars- Liked it to the edge of love- call it a stage I crush.

A multi-generational family saga centering around the woman who gave birth to Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro.

Recommended readers

  • If you like Alice Hoffman and the family saga, this one is for you.

Here’s my Rankings:


I have somehow managed not to have picked up an Alice Hoffman before, and thanks to Netgalley, I was drawn in by the beautiful cover. What I found was a weighty family saga stretching from St. Thomas to Paris, rife with passions and dreams, realized and otherwise, the subject of love versus duty, and just a touch of magical realism. Just as one hopes for in a novel, the author bestows a wonderful sense of a place I have never been. Sagas in one novel tend to leave me feeling a little wistful and sad, but this was overall an engaging and unusual read for one new to Alice Hoffman, inciting further exploration of the author.

A Marriage of Opposites is available today on Amazon




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