Series: Deception of a Highlander, Possession of a Highlander

Available August 11: Possession of a Highlander & Deception of a Highlander

****3.5/5 stars- Liked it to the edge of love- call it a stage I crush.

Enjoy the independent characters and adventure in this Highland romance from a promising debut writer.

Recommended readers

  • If you like strong willed banter
  • If you like independent characters
  • and if you like historical romance in the romantic Highlands

Here’s my Rankings:


Since corresponding via email with the author (and loving her excitement for her novels and her e-personality in general), I was super excited to ‘discover’ her (at least before she became a best-selling author). Both Deception of a Highlander and Possession of a Highlander exceeded my expectations – and I’ve read hundreds of historical romances. With a unique plot, plus some of the best elements expected in a historical romance: Passion, pride, independence. Definitely give Madeline Martin a try – and keep on the lookout because she’s on the verge of a 5-star read.

Available August 11: Possession of a Highlander & Deception of a Highlander

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