Wild West Brides: Three Books

Available in June: Wild West Brides: 3-Book Series from a Bestselling Author

***3/5 stars- Liked it through and through

Three books take you on three different journeys of three brothers after the Civil War.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like a little faith with your love story
  • If you like enjoy post-war romances
  • If you want three books for your spend

Here’s my Rankings:


Set in the midwest, the three Claxton brothers return from the Civil War to start their live anew. Cole meets Wynn in The Peacemaker. Beau gets a second chance at love in The Drifter. Cass gets tricked into marriage The Maverick. Each creates a unique storyline with good characters and a dabble of faith – not to mention you get three books in one!

Available on Amazon: Wild West Brides: 3-Book Series from a Bestselling Author

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