Available today: The Truth According to Us

Available June 9th: The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows

****4/5 stars- loved it!

From the co-author of  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society comes another portrait of  small-town charm and secrets, brimming with delightful characters.

Recommended readers:

  • For book clubs
  • For fans of character-driven novels
  • For lovers of southern lit

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 4/5 characters
  • 4/5 plot
  • 4/5 overall


12-year-old Willa Romeyn may be too young to understand, but she’s just old enough to know that things are not as they seem. Luckily, she’s “a natural-born sneak” intent on finding out, and she’s not alone.  Together with Layla, a WPA-hired socialite- turned-historian assigned to write the history of their town, Willa sets out find out the truth about her family.  The pages of her world are brimming with a memorable cast of characters:  her golden sister, Bird; her smooth-tongued and oft-absent father, Felix; a beautiful and privileged outsider, Layla; and her aunt Jottie, the pin holding it all together, but crumpling under the pressure of the ghost that haunts them all.   Through the perspectives of Willa, Dottie, and Layla, the story slowly and deliberately unfolds, and though it holds a more bittersweet tone than the Potato Peel Pie, it is no less delightful and heartwarming.


Available on Amazon June 9th:  The Truth According to Us

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