Romance review: Secrets of Seduction

On sale May, 2014, Secrets of Seduction (Legendary Lovers)

***** 3.5/5 starsNJordan-SecretsofSeduction

Secrets of Seduction had the makings of a great romance and was an enjoyable read. My main concern: I wish it was longer; I wanted a few of the plot lines to play out more. A recommended read for any romance lover!

Here’s my rankings:

3.75/5 stars for hero/character
3.0/5 stars for plot
3.5/5 stars for overall

Recommended readers:

  • all romance lovers, especially historical- who like less dramatic and believable characters


Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan tells of the story of the emotionally and physically scarred Earl of Hawkhurst and a persistent and comfortable Lady Skye.  Part of the Legendary Lovers series, Jordan sets the tale in the Earl’s run-down and emotionally haunted castle, where Lady Skye has planted herself on his doorstep. While I wanted more build-up to this moment on how Lady Skye could have fallen so hard for this man, the book immediately pulls the reader into an intense moment, followed by a series of events that have a great flow and rhythm.  Despite Hawk’s reservations, he finds himself falling but is forced to put his duty first. Hawk chooses duty and I desperately wanted the plot to continue on this path for longer, teasing the reader.

I was happily surprised that the book was not an exact copy of Beauty and the Beast. The publisher synopsis scared me with those words – but the plot had a believable tweak to the classic tale that fit well into a historical romance. Lady Skye was a believable character, with maybe a little too much patience for a typical heroine, and the Earl of Hawkhurst certainly earns the reader’s respect and concern.

In Secrets of Seduction I met a variety of characters, and I’m looking forward to reading the next Legendary Lovers novel too!

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