Romance review: Secrets of Seduction

On sale May, 2014, Secrets of Seduction (Legendary Lovers) ***** 3.5/5 stars Secrets of Seduction had the makings of a great romance and was an enjoyable read. My main concern: I wish it was longer; I wanted a few of the plot lines to play out more. A recommended read for any romance lover! Here’s my rankings: 3.75/5 stars for hero/character 3.0/5 stars for plot 3.5/5 stars for overall … Continue reading Romance review: Secrets of Seduction

Romance review: Just a Kiss

On sale April 28, 2014, $.99 *****4/5 stars Just a Kiss grabbed me from the beginning with its Cinderella-style plot. Well-written but short, this novella captivates with amazing characters. I want to see more from this author! Here’s my rankings: 4.0/5 stars for hero/character 4.0/5 stars for plot 4.0/5 stars for overall Recommended readers: all romance lovers, especially historical regency. readers who love a come-back, a character who … Continue reading Romance review: Just a Kiss