Keto Diet by Josh Axe

Available now: Keto Diet

****4/5 stars: A must-read for anyone serious about the Keto diet.


Recommended readers:

  • If you have tried the Keto Diet but with no success
  • If you like to learn the science behind the latest diet trend


Everything you’ve read about the Keto Diet – may not be correct. I’ve probably spent hours looking at Keto websites, talking the friends who are trying it – and none of that prepared me for the amount of detail and research shared in the book. In fact as I informally tried the Keto diet myself, after reading the book I realized that I was doing much of it wrong. A definitely must-read for anyone serious about Keto.

The book includes: lots of science and explanation, list of things you need, example diet plans and recipes.

Available now: Keto Diet

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