Love’s Sweet Revenge by Rosanne Bittner

Available September 6: Love’s Sweet Revenge

***3/5 stars- Liked itrbittner-revenge

Now trying to build a ranch and a simplier life, Jake, Miranda and their children face old and new enemies in Love’s Sweet Revenge.

Recommended readers:

  • If you’re a fan of Laurie McBain or Rosanne Bittner
  • If you like Western Historical Romances and family sagas
  • and if you enjoy historical romance from the true Wild West, these are for you.

Here’s my Rankings:


The Harkner saga continues in Love’s Sweet Revenge, as Jake and Miranda and both children start to build the foundation of their family and ranch in the hills of Colorado. The families are hoping to build something safe, solid and great for children to come – but with so many enemies gained through the years with the desire for revenge, Jake must save himself, his son and their families.

I definitely recommend reading the previous Outlaw Hearts Series, as this book will spoil the plot in most of the previous books.

Available September 6: Love’s Sweet Revenge

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