Some Like It Scot: Suzanne Enoch

Available Oct. 6: Some Like It Scot (Scandalous Highlanders)

****3.5/5 starsscot-senoch

A fighting lady in trousers meets a Highland bachelor.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like a Highland Romance
  • If  you enjoy reading Brogue
  • and if you’re a sucker for a fighting lady

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 3.5/5 for characters
  • 4.5/5 for plot
  • 3.5/5 overall
  • Note: 4/5 Pretty Steamy


Suzanne Enoch’s Scandalous Highlanders series is just too much fun.  And the family of MacLowry’s are fabulous too. In the final of the series, young, bullish brother Munro runs across a lad shooting a deer – only to find that the lad is actually a lady who he can’t get out of his mind. And when Catriona, who’s helped her sister escape from a terrible engagement, is discovered hiding in ruins on Munro’s family lands, she’s ready to fight. There’s everything to enjoy in this fast-paced, quick-reading Scottish romance.

Note: The naming of Suzanne Enoch’s novels are just too fun! … Rogue with Brogue and now Some Like it Scot. Wow! We can laugh at ourselves, right?

Available on Amazon:Some Like It Scot (Scandalous Highlanders)

Reading hint: To get in the the mood for a little Brogue dialogue, watch this video:


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