Nicholas Sparks Review: The Longest Ride

Available now as book or movie: The Longest Ride

***2.5/5 stars- It was ok

Two parallel love stories develop around cowboys, rodeo, World War II, and art history.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like chick lit,
  • if you you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks,
  • and if you’d like to catch the book before the movie, this one is for you.

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 2.5/5 for characters
  • 2.5/5 for plot
  • 2.5/5 overall


I’ve read exactly one other Nicholas Sparks novel (give you one guess which) and have seen a good portion of his movies over the years, but when I saw the preview for the latest (cowboys AND art history!) I decided to pick up the book first.  While I wasn’t actually disappointed, I think the thing to say about a Nicholas Sparks novel is that it is what it is:  A chick flick in a book.  Which is why they all get turned into chick flicks.  It’s not rocket science, after all.  And if you enjoy that sort of thing, you will enjoy it.  Let’s put it it this way: while Mr. Sparks did not fully address my cowboy complex, I have a feeling that the young Mr. Eastwood will.

Get the book on Amazon and catch Scott Eastwood in the feature film

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