Review: Beautiful Secret

Available today: Beautiful Secret
****3.5/5 stars Liked it to the edge of love- a stage 1 crush.

Laid back California girl meets uptight exec in this fun, fast chic lit read.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like chic lit you just can’t put down
  • If you are 35 or younger (but prove me wrong)
  • If you’re a fan of Notting Hill the movie

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 4/5 for characters
  • 3/5 for plot
  • 3.5/5 overall
  • Steaminess: 4 of 5  (see our scale here)


Think Notting Hill, only backwards, where accomplished but reserved exec Niall Stella and fresh engineering intern Ruby Miller are sent to New York for a business trip. It’s an exciting – in more ways than one – trip for the duo, and when they return to London and work, can they keep it together? A great mix of characters, with romance, sex and a dash of pride and female independence. Both characters are lovable in very different ways – and the second half of the book flies by. A book of the ‘Beautiful Series’, Beautiful Secret is interestingly written by a duo of best friends (cool!).

Available on Amazon: Beautiful Secret

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