Top 10 Books That Influenced Me

I was challenged to list the top 10 books that I felt like had an impact on my life. Apologies in advance to those expecting to see a list of classics and literature. I’m an unabashed escapist reader – and most of my books reflect that.gonewiththewind

Here’s my list:

  1. Gone with the Wind. An unhappy ending? Those didn’t exist until I read this. Not to mention the amazing historical characters and detail.
  2. Pride and Prejudice. I love the misunderstandings, the pride and the strong characters.
  3. Little Red Hen. The book I remember most from early childhood showed me how helping out pays off in the end.
  4. Where the Sidewalk Ends. I reread this collection so many times I could resight it by heart and did.
  5. Though a Glass Darkly. So many unlikeable characters and shocking circumstances.
  6. The Help. One of many good examples of great storytelling
  7. Outlander. Such a variety of genres in one book (series).
  8. Sweet Savage Love. My first historical romance.
  9. Love You Forever. Now that I have kids, this books makes me cry every time.
  10. What to Expect When Expecting. For my first pregnancy, I read this book every. single. day. It’s an amazing reference for a new motherlittleredhen

Now I challenge Books for Her/Erin to list her top 10 (and I know she’ll cheat and add a few … but I’m not one to force her to narrow it down).

Let Books for Her know what you think!

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