Top 10 Books That Influenced Me

I was challenged to list the top 10 books that I felt like had an impact on my life. Apologies in advance to those expecting to see a list of classics and literature. I’m an unabashed escapist reader – and most of my books reflect that. Here’s my list: Gone with the Wind. An unhappy ending? Those didn’t exist until I read this. Not to … Continue reading Top 10 Books That Influenced Me

Jane Austen’s First Love

Available August 5: Jane Austen’s First Love ****4/5 stars Dare I say it?! It’s as if Miss Austen is writing it herself and giving us a glimpse of what she’ll soon write in her classics – Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility. Recommended readers: If you love all things Jane Austen… If you ever wondered what inspired Jane Austen’s writing. Did we mention Jane … Continue reading Jane Austen’s First Love