More Books for Kids: We love…

BABY LIT! by Jennifer Adams, art by Allison Oliver If you haven’t already, check out these fabulous primers on classic literature for babies and kids.  From Sherlock Holmes to Pride and Prejudice, from counting to colors, the concepts are basic and fun, and the illustrations are wonderful. Visit the creator’s site here. Continue reading More Books for Kids: We love…

Available August 26th: Not Quite a Wife

Available August 26th: Mary Jo Putney’s Not Quite a Wife **2/5 stars Next up in the Lost Lords Series: Delicate beauty runs into her estranged husband, who she abandoned ten years earlier for being Bad A. Recommended readers: Mary Jo Putney fans Suckers for a lost lord Here’s my Rankings: 2/5 for characters 2/5 for plot 2/5 overall Steaminess ranking: 3/5 REVIEW FROM BOOKS FOR HER: This one had … Continue reading Available August 26th: Not Quite a Wife

Rejoice! Season 2 of Outlander Confirmed

Well, we’re one episode into the series premiere of Outlander – and the Outlander nation response has been so strong that it looks like Starz has committed on for a second season already. With each book becoming a season, we’ll now see Dragonfly in Amber, Book 2 Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series translated to TV. Congratulations to Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander Nation. Continue reading Rejoice! Season 2 of Outlander Confirmed

Downton Abbey: Season 5

The second best thing to a good book – is a good TV series, right? Well, that’s how we feel about Downton Abbey anyways. And now it’s time for Season 5 – the cast photos were just revealed. See them here. PS – if you’re on Twitter, make sure you follow The Dowager Countess … she’s easily my favorite character: Straightforward, open minded, honest and endearing. … Continue reading Downton Abbey: Season 5

We love children’s books too!

If you’re a reader and a mother, like us here at Books for Her, you are probably working to turn your kids into readers as well. If you have thoughts on the top books for kids, including classics of course, but especially anything new, we want to hear them!  We would like to post lists of top books for kids. In the meantime, check out … Continue reading We love children’s books too!

Fiction Review: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Available August 19: Mean Streak ****4/5 stars There’s no stopping point in Sandra Brown’s latest mystery-suspense – so be ready for an all-nighter. Recommended readers: If you like books you just can’t put down If you like a good modern-day mystery-suspense If you’re a fan of Sandra Brown Here’s my Rankings: 3/5 for characters 5/5 for plot 4/5 overall Steaminess: 3 of 5  (see our scale here) … Continue reading Fiction Review: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Fiction: The House We Grew Up In

Available tomorrow: The House We Grew Up In: A Novel **2/5 stars The House We Grew Up In is a emotional and tragic drama of a dysfunctional family and their growth apart and back together. Recommended readers: If you like emotional dramas with every twist imaginable If you can relate to a dysfunctional family Here’s my Rankings: 4/5 for characters 3/5 for plot 2/5 overall REVIEW … Continue reading Fiction: The House We Grew Up In

Travel Lit Review: Ciao Bella

Available Now:  Ciao Bella: Sex, Dante, & How to Find a Father in Italy by Helena Frith Powell **** 3.5/5 stars When supposed English writer Helena was 14, she travelled to Italy to meet the father and the family she didn’t know existed. Now grown with children of her own, she returns to Italy to relive the journey in which she discovered her Italian roots. Recommended readers: Travel lit buffs … Continue reading Travel Lit Review: Ciao Bella

All you need to know before watching the Outlander TV Series

We’re just days away from the premiere the series premiere of Starz Outlander. And for months we’ve been compiling the best of Outlander – both the book and the TV series.

Here’s some Outlander/Books for Her links that you may enjoy: