Rant: Skip the Sex, Authors

Am I the only romance reader who hates book sex scenes?

I have to be the only one – because why would every women’s fiction book I read have a five pages of detailed sex if we readers aren’t just screaming for it? does any one else skip to the end of the chapter (the sex is always at the end of the chapter, thank goodness)?

Red highlighted text implies what's happening next in Nora Roberts Best Laid Plans.
Red highlighted text implies what’s happening next in Nora Roberts Best Laid Plans.

I remember going through a Nora Roberts phase – where I read a bunch of her older books and noticed that early in her career she cut off sex scenes at the end of chapters without going into detail (see exerpt). Of course, this changed for some of her newer books.  Something, somewhere happened to have women’s fiction writers told by their agents that they had to include erotica in their books.

Don’t get me wrong, I love some good foreplay … the anticipation, the excitement … but where is the consumer demand for some detailed erotica in our romance novels and women’s fiction? Even rated R movies have less sex than some of my favorite books.

Can’t a book just work like a movie.  Here’s a perfect example of how I’d like books to be:


Titanic Car Scene
The start of the scene … as shown in Titanic.
Scene from Titanic.
The implied actions … let the viewer imagine.


So what I’m asking – can we let the reader imagine a little …

Of course if not, I’ll just continue to skip the pages.

Tip from Erinhttps://booksforherreviews.com/about/meet-erin/: Typically the less racy the cover, the less sex in the books. Thanks Erin!

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