Fiction Review: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Available August 19: Mean Streak

****4/5 stars

There’s no stopping point in Sandra Brown’s latest mystery-suspense – so be ready for an all-nighter.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like books you just can’t put down
  • If you like a good modern-day mystery-suspense
  • If you’re a fan of Sandra Brown

Here’s my Rankings:


Marathon-running pediatrician Emory C. is driven, respected and now she’s been whacked on the head and is stranded in a shack in the North Carolina mountains. As in many of her best-selling mystery-suspense novels, Sandra Brown weaves in so many possible suspects with a variety of different motives; The most obvious happens to be her pseudo-captor, a man who won’t even give his name. It’s not possible to put this book down – it’s just not possible.  And just when you think you’re getting to a good stopping point (at 1 a.m.!), she throws you for another twist and you end up having to finish to book.

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