Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best Books for Dad

Father’s Day is approaching and who can think of a better way to celebrate dad than by giving him a book – and some time to relax by himself. (Of course, Books for Her knows most of the books we review aren’t for dad … but we all have a father figure in our life who deserves some recognition so we’ll step away from our … Continue reading Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best Books for Dad

Oyster Review: The Netflix for Books

Are we dreaming? Is this for real? Unlimited reading for only $9.95 per month. WOW!   Meet Oyster Books, a new app that provides unlimited access to more than 500,000 books through its $9.95 subscription service. It is pretty darn close to your public library available in an app – only you won’t see ‘checked out’ notices, overdue costs, or gas to and from. Of … Continue reading Oyster Review: The Netflix for Books

Electronic readers comparison

What’s the best device to read on? There’s no perfect answer … It just depends. What are you looking for? Here’s some research to help you decide: iPad iPad mini Kindle Nook In case you were wondering, my device of choice is iPad. Mine is more than two years old and as of yesterday has its first crack along the top of the screen courtesy … Continue reading Electronic readers comparison