eReader or Paper?

Are you an avid reader and can’t decide how to best enjoy your books? Personally I mix my reading between electronic and paper.

Maybe you’re a hard core paper book reader and love the feel of an actual book in your hands … the feel of turning pages and knowing you’re halfway through just by holding it. Or you’re an woman on the go, trying to fit your full life into a little device so its convenient.

Here’s some of the pros and cons to both:

PAPEROpen Book

Includes hardback, paperback with those little things called pages.

Pros: The feel of the paper turning. Some love the beauty of a line of books on a shelf or the ability to know exactly how much you have left. I love the sense of accomplishment as you close the last page and put that book on the ‘finished’ row in the shelf. There is a more emotional connection to a physical paper book.
Cons: If you’re an avid reader like me, the vast quantities of books piling up is overwhelming and unmanageable. Not to mention the amazing ability of my kids to pull out a book marker. While traveling the books take up way too much space in my very efficient carry-on. And sometimes my fingers get number from holding a book at the angle I like.

ELECTRONIC READEReReaders and tablets

Includes iPad, Kindle, Nook, Google, Kobo and may more.
Pros: Ahhh you just put the kids to bed or finished cleaning the kitchen and there’s nothing better than settling down with a book … oh wait, you still need to send an email. Multi-tasking is one of the greatest benefits of another device. Plus you can store hundreds of books in .1% of the space needed for physical books. And lastly, my kids don’t have to roll their eyes or get embarrassed when their mom is reading a book with a cover graphic showing bulging chest muscles and bursting busts. I can sit on an airplane reading a love scene and not see the guy next to me peaking over.
Cons: For some the cover of the book is an emotional part of the journey. You pick up the book and are reminded and attached to the cover so in electronic reader there’s almost no connection to the cover. You don’t have a feel for where you are in a book unless you look at the page numbers. Many readers are challenging to read outside – so a trip/vacation to the beach may not be ideal for a reader.

In the end it’s a personal choice. Every person wants a different experience from there books.

I personally use a mix. I mainly read my books via iPad … but every 20th book or so I’ll buy because I liked the cover or the author and save it for a day at the beach or to make me feel like I’ve taken a step back in time from my busy hectic life.

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