Oyster Review: The Netflix for Books

Are we dreaming? Is this for real? Unlimited reading for only $9.95 per month. WOW!   Meet Oyster Books, a new app that provides unlimited access to more than 500,000 books through its $9.95 subscription service. It is pretty darn close to your public library available in an app – only you won’t see ‘checked out’ notices, overdue costs, or gas to and from. Of … Continue reading Oyster Review: The Netflix for Books

Rant: Skip the Sex, Authors

Am I the only romance reader who hates book sex scenes? I have to be the only one – because why would every women’s fiction book I read have a five pages of detailed sex if we readers aren’t just screaming for it? does any one else skip to the end of the chapter (the sex is always at the end of the chapter, thank goodness)? I remember going through … Continue reading Rant: Skip the Sex, Authors

Coming soon: steampunk, anyone?

Courtesy of Amazon Recommendations, I recently came across a steampunk novel, and found myself thinking, what is steampunk, anyway? I had a sort of general idea in the fashion sense — think slutty halloween costume from Spencer’s– but I guess I had no idea that it has become its own movie and literary genre. (Thank you, google.) Sidenote: To be fair, this is coming from someone who … Continue reading Coming soon: steampunk, anyone?

You might be a book addict if

Hiding. Lying. Rule-breaking.  We do it all to enjoy a book!  Here’s a start to our ‘You might be a book addict’ list: You want your family to disappear …. for the rest of the day/weekend/month. You sit on the toilet longer than needed to get some alone time with your book. You’re still in bed and PJs at 1 p.m. You put the kids to … Continue reading You might be a book addict if