Amazon watches us read

Avid readers – many of us – should be aware that if you’re an Amazon kindle reader or and utilize the Amazon app for reading digitally, your reading habits are tracked. In The Guardian reporter Kari Paul – opens in a new tab details what they saw when they recently requested access to the data Amazon has stored:

But tucked into the dozens of files were also two Excel spreadsheets, more than 20,000 lines each, with titles, time stamps and actions detailing my reading habits on the Kindle app on my iPhone.

Since Amazon is responsible for 50% of the world’s physical books and 80% of digital books, it’s likely you are tracked by Amazon in some way. Additionally, may of us track our physical book reading via Goodreads, which is also owned by Amazon.

Of course, while I’m skeptical, I really don’t care that Amazon knows that I read 4-6 books per month – or that it takes me from 3-6 hours to read each one (those are estimates). So this may not affect anyone. But for curiosities sake, I’ve requested my data from Amazon and am interested to see how it looks (I’ll share later).

Here’s the link to request your data if you’re interested: Amazon CA privacy act of 2020.

Regardless – Happy Reading, friends!

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