Season 2 Review: Outlander Series on Starz

If you expect the perfection of Outlander Season 1, you’ll be disappointed. But if you can enjoy the slower, set-up episodes from the early part of Season 2, you’ll have much more of what most people love in the second half of the season. In that way though, it isn’t much different than Outlander Book 2: Dragonfly in Amber.

The early part of Season 2 is set in Paris, as Jaime and Claire try to navigate politics, espionage and the intrigue of so many varied agendas – including their own of stopping the Jacobite rebellion and saving many Scottish lives. Their agenda is complicated from many angles – including the appearance of Jaime’s biggest foe.



Finally the couple returns to the wilds of Scotland, where we spent the entire first season and originally fell in love with Jaime and Claire. There’s more Highlanders, fighting, direct and everything that we love about Outlander in general.

While Season 2 doesn’t have the first love passion that hooked us in Season 1, if you can wait patiently through the first few episodes, you’ll get a taste for favorite couple’s new passions and struggles after marriage. As with any book-to-movie transition, the tv series is missing some of the detail and plot from Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber, but the season is executed gorgeously. Costumes are believably  gorgeous in Paris – and Claire’s time-travel forward 200 years as an older mother is well done. There’s so much to love about Season 2.

Good news: Outlander has confirmed they’ll do Season 3 and Season 4.

Bad news: We don’t have a premiere date for Season 3 yet … which means it could be a while (though rumors put the next Droughtlander at less than 10 months and maybe even closer to 6 months). We’ll keep you posted.


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