Valentine’s Day: Best Gifts for Book Lovers

PSA for book lovers this Valentine’s Day.

what women want for valentines day

And some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for book lovers:

  1. Books (duh). Shop Amazon’s books selection.
  2. Unlimited eBooks Online. With Oyster now out of business, you’ve got a few options for unlimited book sites. Most popular is Kindle Unlimited ($9.99/month and 30-day free trial), which admittedly is confusing to set-up especially if you’re not an Amazon user already. Also Scribd ($8.99/month and 14-day trial) has a great selection and is available on multiple devices.
  3. Kindle Device/Ebook Reader. For the techy reader or one who flies through 3+ books per month, a electronic reader is a great option. Kindle by Amazon is a great option – starting at $79.99. Bonus for Kindle owners: You get a free new book every month.
  4. Monthly/Quarterly Book Subscription. Book of the Month is an example of a site which will send you (print) books each month. We haven’t tried (so can’t endorse fully) – but worth a look.  We’ll do a full review if we get the chance.

Let Books for Her know what you think!

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