An Outlander delayed reaction

It took a little time to get over last season’s Outlander season finale, and no little effort to unsee a thing or two.  All in all, I have to admit I was appalled by the episode, and not for the reasons you might think (well, not entirely.)

We were treated to all the psychological trauma Black Jack could summon, but we get NO CLAIRE THE EXCORIST?!  C’mon, Starz!  You didn’t shy away from one tough scene, how could you skip the whole ransoming the soul part?  I’m not sure a few slaps really covers it, and I’m definitely not sure you deserved to use that episode title.

Instead we get a little, Och, you’re right Sassenach, let’s cut out the brand and get on a ship and let the wind blow through our hair. (In fairness, that scene DID make me feel much better)


Other departures of note?

Claire’s got a bun in already.  Cause we all know a baby fixes things.

But are we tuning in early 2016 to see where Outlander takes us next?  Absolutely.

In the meantime, if you’d like a little historical drama a bit lighter on the deep emotional trauma, might we suggest: Turn: Washington’s Spies on AMC, based on the book by Alexander Rose or one of our other recommendations in: If you like Outlander TV Series, You’ll like …

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