Available today: The Other Daughter

The Other Daughter: A Novel by Lauren Willig will be available July 21st

***3/5 stars- liked it

When nursery governess Rachel Woodley learns that her father is an English Lord who abandoned her mother, she sets out on a dangerous course of redefinition and revenge, with the help of a dashing friend-of-a-friend who may have motives of his own.

Recommended readers:

  • If you’re a fan of between-the-wars historical fiction,
  • If you like Downton Abbey,
  • and if you like a good coming-of-age heroine, this one is for you.

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 3/5 characters
  • 3/5 plot
  • 3/5 overall


With lies, a false identity, and a crowd of Bright Young Things, The Other Daughter has all the makings of a London high society thrill ride, with a dash of romance for good measure.  A nice light read, satisfying and perfect for the beach– and for imagining yourself a 1920s high-society girl.

The Other Daughter: A Novel  will be available soon on Amazon

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