Oyster launches new online store

In a move to compete with Amazon.com’s ebook sales, Oyster, the monthly book subscription service for $9.95, is now going to sell ebooks.  The new option is likely a move to provide readers with access to new releases and other books that aren’t available through their subscription site.

Here’s a look at the online store:

Book checkout screen on Oyster's new ebook purchase site.
Book checkout screen on Oyster’s new ebook purchase site.


Oyster book ebook purchase site.
Oyster book ebook purchase site.

According to cnet.com, “Even with these changes, Oyster still faces an uphill battle. Its service doesn’t run on Amazon’s popular Kindle, and the company doesn’t offer its own e-reading alternative. Anyone hoping to read Oyster books must own a smartphone, tablet or computer, and read from the same screens they use to respond to email and watch cat videos on the Internet.” Full article here.

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