Guest Blog for Sinful Deception

ibradford-blogtourThis guest blog is by Sinful Deception Author Isabella Bradford and discusses the heroine Serena Carew from the book. Thank you Isabella for the time to share your insights into writing this novel.

By Isabella Bradford

Keeping Secrets

I’m so excited for the release this week of my newest historical romance, A SINFUL DECEPTION. This is a story that’s been in my head for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to write a book that includes not just Georgian England, but the farthest corners of the British Empire. My heroine, Serena Carew, was born in India, the daughter of a English nobleman stationed there. While Serena has spent most of her life as an English lady, her Indian heritage is impossible for her to forget – and it’s also one of the things that Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy comes to love most about her.

But however distant Serena’s childhood in India may seem, there are secrets in her past that she fears she can never escape. In many ways, such secrets were much easier to preserve in the 18th century, long before modern internet searches, DNA testing, and background checks.

India was literally half a world away in 1770. Letters and news took months to arrive between London and Calcutta, and that was if the ship carrying them survived storms, wars, and pirates. The bureaucracy of the British Empire was still in its infancy, and record-keeping was sporadic. Few, if any, of the Englishmen who knew her secrets would have survived. The Indian climate was notoriously unhealthy for Europeans, with the average life-span for an Englishman there considered only “two monsoons” – two years. A tropical fever killed all of Serena’s family, and nearly claimed her as well.

Yet secrets can be tenacious – especially ones with serious consequences. Just when Serena dares to hope her secret is safely buried and her future happiness with Geoffrey is secure, unexpected faces from her past reappear, and only the truth can at last set her free to love.

I hope you’ll enjoy A SINFUL DECEPTION. For more about what inspires me, check out my website and on my Isabella Bradford Facebook page, plus my blog (written with writer BFF Loretta Chase), Twitter @2nerdyhistgirls, and Pinterest: TwoNerdyHistoryGirls.

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