Books: How they make your home beautiful

If you’re reading this, books and literature are a staple in your life. We collect them, stack them, organize them … sometimes we’re able to share them or donate them. Regardless, your home is probably stacked full of books. How artistic are you with your bookshelves and book displays? Do you work them into your home as a design element or pile them up wherever there’s a corner? From my favorite home design and decorating site Houzz, here’s some photo albums on how people and designers all over the world have incorporated books to beautify their home. (And proves we’re not the only people with a book collection problem).

Here’s my favorite all-time book display photo … it’s clean and beautiful … and its even from my hometown San Diego. I’ll never have the space to do this or probably the matching colors of book covers like this photo, but it’s fun to dream.


24 Amazing Walls of Books. If you have the space a wall of books can be amazingly beautiful and artistic and personal.  Building and decorating it can be therapeutic.  Check out some of these beauties:

Book Nooks: Looking for a Warm Place to Read.  Do you have a book nook in your home?  Here’s some comfy and inviting places to do what we love …

10 Bestselling Ways to Decorate with Books. Here’s some unique, fun and distinctive ways to display your books.

Create Page Turning Design with Books. If you have thrown in the towel on getting over your book collection addiction, here’s some great ideas to get away with stacks of books all over your house.

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