Steampunk Review: Magnificent Devices Series

Available now: Magnificent Devices Boxed Set ****4/5 stars The adventures of the intrepid Claire continue in this serial, as British Victorian Steampunk meets American Victorian Steampunk.  The first novel showed promise of decent entertainment to come, and it turns out the rest is nigh on hilarious. Miss it, and miss the entertainment of tidbits such as:   On white underthings: “It was of no use at … Continue reading Steampunk Review: Magnificent Devices Series

Steampunk Review: Lady of Devices

Available now: Lady of Devices: A steampunk adventure novel (Magnificent Devices) ****3.5/5 stars Welcome to semi-alternate universe Victorian England, where girls attend university and conduct scientific experiments, but it’s nonetheless trade and commerce vs. social standing as usual. It’s Bloods vs. Wits, petroleum vs. steam, and things are really coming to a head. Caught in the middle is 17-year-old Claire Trevelyan, a Blood of considerable wit, small … Continue reading Steampunk Review: Lady of Devices

Coming soon: steampunk, anyone?

Courtesy of Amazon Recommendations, I recently came across a steampunk novel, and found myself thinking, what is steampunk, anyway? I had a sort of general idea in the fashion sense — think slutty halloween costume from Spencer’s– but I guess I had no idea that it has become its own movie and literary genre. (Thank you, google.) Sidenote: To be fair, this is coming from someone who … Continue reading Coming soon: steampunk, anyone?