Available November 22nd: Victoria

Available November 22nd: Victoria by Daisy Goodwin ***3/5 stars-liked it From the creator of the new PBS series of the same name, a novel of Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne of England. Recommended readers: If you like historical fiction, If you’re an anglophile, and if you like real figures in your historical fiction, this novel is for you. Here’s my Rankings: 3/5 for characters 3/5 for plot 3/5 overall REVIEW … Continue reading Available November 22nd: Victoria

Book review: Victoria Rebels by Carolyn Meyer

***** 3.5/5 stars Overall the book was as expected – a great first-person and emotional account of Queen Victoria’s development into the ruler she is know today but lacking the character development outside of Victoria herself. Here’s my rankings: 2.5/5 stars for hero/character 4/5 stars for plot                       3.5/5 stars for overall         … Continue reading Book review: Victoria Rebels by Carolyn Meyer