Amazon: Same-day delivery of books

Amazon is on our news list again!  Most recently they launched their Kindle Unlimited; Now they’re offering same-day delivery in six major cities (Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC). For an additional $5.99 Amazon Prime customers can have many items – including books – at their home the same day. It’s an interesting play to see … Continue reading Amazon: Same-day delivery of books

Amazon vs. the World

Do you keep up and wonder about the financial relationship between authors, booksellers, publishers and more recently Amazon? I’ve caught several interesting headlines on the battle between Amazon and a top-five publisher Hachette … and this article from Sound and Video Contractor does a great job explaining the honest relationship. Here’s the full article: Amazon vs. the World. Some notes from Books for Her: Publishers and booksellers … Continue reading Amazon vs. the World

Kindle Unlimited is here

Well friends … we weren’t dreaming when we heard rumors of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. The full site launched today offering a 30-day free trial and access to more than 600,000 books and thousands of audiobooks on any device (from Android tablets and smartphones to iPhone and iPads). Some noteable offerings: 600,000 titles, including some popular series like Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and … Continue reading Kindle Unlimited is here