Parenting humor: To other moms out there …

We had to share this hilarious video from a fellow mom (who’s also a writer). We’ve got to read Johanna Stein’s book too: How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane: And Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source Continue reading Parenting humor: To other moms out there …

We love children’s books too!

If you’re a reader and a mother, like us here at Books for Her, you are probably working to turn your kids into readers as well. If you have thoughts on the top books for kids, including classics of course, but especially anything new, we want to hear them!  We would like to post lists of top books for kids. In the meantime, check out … Continue reading We love children’s books too!

Quiz: Which Type of Historical Romance Heroine Are You?

Take this quiz to see who you’d be – and then remember to enter to win a bundle of these books. #1 What word best describes you? a) effervescent b) nonconfrontational (mostly) c) stealthy #2 My favorite hobby is … a) comparative study of the male form b) looking after my darling baron c) target practice #3 What is the perfect late night snack? a) … Continue reading Quiz: Which Type of Historical Romance Heroine Are You?

Where do you get your books?

Tell us: Where do you shop, download and read your books? We want to better customize our site to suit your needs.  We currently provide a lot of links to for Kindle downloads – but if our readers shop elsewhere, we want to know! Please select as many options as applicable and feel free to add your own or leave us a comment. Thanks for following!   Continue reading Where do you get your books?

Amazon vs. the World

Do you keep up and wonder about the financial relationship between authors, booksellers, publishers and more recently Amazon? I’ve caught several interesting headlines on the battle between Amazon and a top-five publisher Hachette … and this article from Sound and Video Contractor does a great job explaining the honest relationship. Here’s the full article: Amazon vs. the World. Some notes from Books for Her: Publishers and booksellers … Continue reading Amazon vs. the World