What to watch: Best Netflix Shows if you loved Bridgerton

Bridgerton – debuted on Netflix Dec. 25, 2020.

Once you’ve binge watched Bridgerton (for maybe the 3rd or 4th time if you’re like us) – we don’t want you to get bored.

Here’s some other binge-worthy shows you’ll like if you loved Bridgerton like we did:


This is one of our favorite books series and made a great transition to TV – with similar successes – great casting, great costume and production. You’ll love the action, adventure and historic nature of Outlander – with it’s tie-in the historical times, but also love the intense romance.

3 Seasons on Netflix though the series is originally on Showtime/Starz.


Anne with an E.

Originally I was put off by the Anne of Green Gables tie-in … remembering that I didn’t enjoy that older series. But I gave it chance recently and LOVED it. The characters are lovable in different ways – and as a heroine, Anne is energetic, cringe-y and heartwarming. There’s history, drama, relationships and romance. Plus I could watch this with my 7-year-old without worry.

3 Seasons on Netflix. Though I’ve even signed the petition to get an 4th season. Click here.


Cable Girls.

Listen with subtitles or translated, it’s still great! In 1920 women are just starting to step outside the home and work and these ladies come together from a variety of backgrounds to overcome all the struggles. Lots of drama, history and romance from a slew of great characters in 1920s Madrid.

4 Seasons on Netflix with the final season debuting soon.


Most Beautiful Thing.

Another foreign film that inspires. A housewife travels to Rio de Janeiro to meet her husband, to find he’s left her penniless. She perseveres and stays, despite the challenges of being a woman in 1950s Argentina.


Looking for a little less romance and more gunfights? Godless features an old West setting, with a dark, grittier filter throughout. It’s bloody and features a likely-familiar face from Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery with plenty of fighting.

Limited series on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom

Another less romantic, and dark and gritty drama is The Last Kingdom. It’s dirty and bloody but equally emotional and political during the Viking-Saxon struggle. Despite his bloody and appalling upbringing, you’ll love Alexander Dreymon. Bonus: You may even get the guy in your life to watch this!

4 Seasons on Netflix with another coming.

Modern dramas that you may like on Netflix

Virgin River

Took me a few episodes to get into, but it took off from there. A big town doctor

1 Season on Netflix. Another season coming.

Dead to Me.

Equally humorous and sad, a stressed out mother deals with the sudden loss of her husband with a new friend. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are adorably opposites and each loveable in the modern drama.

1 Season on Netflix with another season coming.

Honorable Mentions:

High Seas, The Crown, Outlaw King, Bodyguard.

Let Books for Her know what you think!

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