The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith

Available September 4: The Dutch Wife.

**** 4 stars, Loved it: The Dutch Wife is an powerful WWII novel, making you think about the the choices you make to survive.


Recommended readers:

  • If you like novels with WWII history and drama
  • If you want an action-packed, historical read
  • If you like strong female characters

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 5/5 for characters
  • 5/5 for plot
  • 5/5 overall


Marijke de Graaf and her husband are helping the Jews escape from Amsterdam, when they are arrested and deported to Nazi concentration camps during World War II. After they are split up Marijke is offered the option to join the camp brothel or to work and maybe die with the other camp interns. SS officer Karl MŸller arrives at camp soon as the second in command of the camp, and is drawn to Merijke.

Many years later, during the eerily similar Argentine Dirty Wars in late 1970s, Luciano Wagner is kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned. The two terrible eras come together in The Dutch Wife, a tale of a terrible time but extraordinary people.

If you enjoy The Dutch Wife, and want a lighter, but still impactful read, try The Paris Seamstress.

Available September 4: The Dutch Wife.

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