If you like Outlander TV Series, you’ll like … PART 2

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We are still trying to survive Droughtlander – and still have to navigate through the holidays before the next season starts. So back by popular demand is Part 2 of If you like Outlander TV Series, you’ll like … (See Part 1 here). Here’s the list of our top historical tv dramas to get you by for a bit longer.  If you liked Outlander, you’ll definitely like these too:

Velvet. The Spanish TV Series is fantastic – with two season now available on Netflix. You won’t even remember reading the English subtitles, while you enjoy the drama of a 1950s fashion store, it’s owner, workers and customers.

Velvet, a Spanish TV Series, is a gem.

The Time In Between: Funny enough, this is another Spanish dressmaker TV drama. With 17 episodes on Netflix, you’ll have plenty of material – and, bonus, this is action packed enough for your guy to like too (as long as he doesn’t mind the subtitles). Additionally funny, this IndieWire article says it will ‘cure your hankering for Downton Abbey’ too. Much like Outlander, The Time In Between was adapted from the best-selling book The Time Between Seams.

Spanish TV Series about a dressmaker.

Upstairs Downstairs: Much like Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs is a fabulous class-struggle historical drama from the BBC (so you know its good). Set in 1930s London, as a wealthy family and stragglers in their family take up a special residence in London and build their household. You’ll have two full seasons to catch up on.

Upstairs Downstairs is set in 1930s England.

Home Fires. Just finishing Season 1 on PBS Masterpiece, Home Fires is set in rural England on the verge of WWII. With lots of strong women doing what they can to prepare for war, Home Fires is gaining popularity and receiving great reviews.   Season 1 purchased on Amazon or check your local PBS Masterpiece listing (search Masterpiece and then you’ll need to look at details of the listing). Season 2 airdate has not been confirmed.

Grand Hotel: Another great Netflix find, Grand Hotel has 66 episodes of good, historical drama. From spying and murder, to greed and cover-ups, Grand Hotel kicks off as a young man investigates the murder of his sister by posing as a footman at a posh hotel in the early 1900s.

Grand Hotel has 66 episodes on Netflix.



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