Review: Little Miss Sure Shot

Available now:  Little Miss Sure Shot: Annie Oakley’s World

****3.5/5 stars

Fiction or non-fiction? Either way you’ll find out you know less about Annie Oakley than you thought.

Recommended readers:Little Miss Sure Shot

  • Western history lovers
  • Natives of Wyoming, especially Cody, Wyoming
  • and anyone who loves to learn about a prominent female in history

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 4/5 overall


Categorically it’s fiction, but it’s hard to think of Little Miss Sure Shot as a work of fiction; it’s more of a barely romanticized non-fiction.  Confused? I was a little too at first … until I embraced it as more of a historical read. As a native of a Cody, Wyoming – a town founded by Annie Oakley’s long-time boss William F. Cody, I was interested to learn more of this well-known historical female figure even if there were some fictional assumptions. In fact, reading the book I realized how little I actually knew (I anticipate that most will feel the same). There’s more to Annie Oakley than we knew and Jeffrey Marshall details her story and life well.

Only $3.95 on Amazon: Little Miss Sure Shot: Annie Oakley’s World

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