Midseries Review: Outlander on Starz

Outlander fans voted this their favorite scene from Season 1 so far.

Well, Outlander fans, we’re hooked.  It’s been nearly a month now and we’re  still not accustomed to the absence of our weekly outlander fix. To say nothing of poor Jamie Fraser, cursed to crouch in that window with a rather heavy firearm braced on his own arm until… what’s that you said? April?! WHYYYYYYYYYY??????

At least longstanding Outlander fans and general book-over-the-movie types can comfort ourselves with reading ahead to find out what happens next, if we didn’t know already… or can we? While everyone seems to have nothing but good things to say about the series (BooksforHer included), and the they seem to be staying very true to the plot and even the dialogue of the book, there have been some rather notable departures here and there.

(SPOLIER ALERT: If you haven’t read the books or seen the series or both, don’t read on. You’ve been warned.)

The Scottish bar brawl over breakfast is fought by everybody over Claire’s honor instead of as a one-man-show for Jamie’s. Now that was just plain good fun. Good call.

The ring is all wrong and will likely have some other significance. (Kudos for sending the fellas to get it though- I have to say, I love those two.)

Dougal propositions Claire… on her wedding night. Really? Why? Because one time-transcendent love triangle is not enough? We all know that Dougal is one complicated dude, but REALLY.

Time traveling through the stones is more than a mysterious folk tale, it’s apparently common knowledge shared by Mrs. Graham with Frank. Hokey.

Frank is everywhere. While of course he is a constant “presence” in the story, I always thought of him as rather less than literally “present.” This is probably due as much to the standing of the fabulous Tobias Menzies (of Game of Thrones fame) as it is to the reality that you can really only do so much with voiceover, but there’s a whole lotta Frank going on.

….and on that note….

Frank and Claire seem to be able to HEAR each other through the stones. Hokier. While having them arrive in the same place at the same moment on the space-time continuum is just good tv, I have to admit the whole hearing each other across time thing puzzled me. Who exactly are we playing as true love here?

But am I on the edge of my seat, impatiently awaiting April? Absolutely. And it’s more than I literally watch all period drama. They are doing a great job with the much-beloved Outlander.  It’s great fun to see it come to life on the screen.


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