Best Romantic Series

Got an extended vacation planned? Or a quiet summer schedule? Or are you just looking for a long-term commitment? It’s time to dig into a good romantic series. Here’s a list of some of my favorite series:

  1. Stephanie Laurens: Cynster series. Is there anything sexier than siblings with travel, fight for their country and love accidentally? Travel the world and fall in love …. Buy here from iBooks.
  2. Stephanie Laurens, Black Cobra Quartet. OK, I know I’m overdoing my Steph Lau series here, but I couldn’t leave the Black Quartet off the list. I got my dad to read the series … So that’s proof it’s got a good dose of action in it. Plus I love the travel from the Middle East! Buy Brazen Bride here.
  3. Cynthia Wright, Raveneau and Beauvisage Series. Who doesn’t love a little US history mixed in with their romance. In this series, you’ll meet strong men and woman who travel by sea and sea of love as America and Britian fight. Order all three books of the Raveneau for only $7.99. Order all four books of the Beauvisage for only $9.99.

Mary Balogh The Huxtable Series

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