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The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

Available now: The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

****3/5 starsgburrowes-troublewithdukes

Another Scottish-English romance from Grace Burrowes, you’ll like The Trouble with Dukes.

Recommended readers:

  • If you like Scottish romances.
  • If you like historical romances.

Here’s my Rankings:

  • 3/5 for characters
  • 3.5/5 for plot
  • 3/5 overall
  • Note: 2/5 some steaminess


A rumored violent war history and Scottish manners make the London Season something Hamish MacHugh would rather avoid, but he’s sticking around for his sisters’ sake. And Megan Windham sees more than an ominous war hero in him. While Hamish fights the battle of London’s society, Megan has her own battles to fight. The Trouble with Dukes is an enjoyable read, and it’s obvious that Grace Burrowes has many great novels up her sleeve. She’s a must-read for any historical romance fan. Make sure you add The Trouble with Dukes to your historical romance reading list.

Available now: The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes