Available June 23rd: The Little Paris Bookshop

Available June 23rd:  The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George ***4/5 stars- loved it! A tale of great love lost and a journey to put what has been broken back together again, told with soul, depth, and lyricism. Recommended readers: If you could use a little something beautiful and unexpected, if you dream of Paris and the south of France, And if you like highlighting entire novels on your kindle, … Continue reading Available June 23rd: The Little Paris Bookshop

San Antonio: Western Historical Romance

Available now: San Antonio ***3/5 stars:  Liked it, through and through A story of power, love and revenge. But which will rule? Recommended readers: If you love the hard times of western history If you like a saga-like romance And if you like to get a taste of American history through fiction Here’s my Rankings: 3/5 characters 3/5 plot 3/5 overall REVIEW FROM BOOKS FOR HER: When Luke Dabney … Continue reading San Antonio: Western Historical Romance

Amazon vs. the World

Do you keep up and wonder about the financial relationship between authors, booksellers, publishers and more recently Amazon? I’ve caught several interesting headlines on the battle between Amazon and a top-five publisher Hachette … and this article from Sound and Video Contractor does a great job explaining the honest relationship. Here’s the full article: Amazon vs. the World. Some notes from Books for Her: Publishers and booksellers … Continue reading Amazon vs. the World

Books by the numbers

We talk so many books, here’s some interesting numbers: 45,000 books for free download on various sites, especially classics (Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Moby Dick).  Many of the reading apps offer these same free books. For instance, iBooks offers 23,000+ free, Amazon, Kobo, Nook offer free books too. 88,000 approx average # of books per library per National Center for Education Statistics. 3,000,000 books at the Houston Public Library … Continue reading Books by the numbers